Welcome to Unity Temple of Denver

Unity Temple is.....

...where church services have been held and couples have been getting married for ninety years.

...where you attend church services, church activities and contribute to the church according to the desires of your heart.

...where there is a church family that will remember your name.

...where you are considered an individualized expression of God.

...where you are encouraged to develop a personal relationship with God and to accept the ideas that you like and leave the rest.

Unity Temple is affiliated with Unity World Wide Ministries and Unity Institute, headquartered in Unity Village, Missouri.

Unity is the home of the Daily Word, which is the oldest devotional publication in America.

Unity is firmly Bible-based while retaining the right to interpret the Bible metaphysically.

Our monthly newsletter contains our current and future events and activities, and prayers and inspiration.

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We offer The Golden Rule Kids School, Sunday at 11:00